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Thanksgiving at Govinda’s Tucson
Dana-Keli Devi Dasi: Thanksgiving on Govinda’s patio (Tucson, Az.) with music by Gangamantri and Dhiro Datta Prabhu was a heart warming and splendid affair. I arrived shortly before noon when the event began and already there was a long line of enthusiastic folks waiting for the doors to open. The buffet, set with a colorful and healthy array of vegetarian and vegan delights, was an excellent offering from Sandamini devi who has created and managed these great events for over 25 years. A seasoned old Tom turkey roamed freely on the patio, while the musicians warmed to their craft and began to play the songs we loved the most. The bird, Tom, who had been a cherished guest at Govinda’s stood stark still when the diners realized what an excellent photo opportunity they could have. How inspiring to see on Facebook or other news feeds people enjoying a vegetarian Thanksgiving feast while associating with a live Turkey!
On the patio that perfect afternoon, when Gangamantri and Dhiro Datta played George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord, a few of us ladies could not resist raising our arms in the loving glory of the Lord and expressing our gratitude at that moment when happiness, faith, and vision simultaneously occur.
I had a conversation with a man, who was a professional musician and had been coming to Govinda’s Cruelty-Free Thanksgiving festivals for many years. He gave thanks to Sandamini Devi for her dedication to the community and her ability to orchestrate the event with so much dignity. We both agreed that the patio of Govinda’s held the most elevated Thanksgiving in Tucson or perhaps anyplace in America. HARE KRISHNA

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