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kailasanath: KannagīThe central character of the Tamiḷ epic...



The central character of the Tamiḷ epic Sillapadikaram attributed to Ilango Adigal.

Kannagi is the pious wife of the handsome young merchant named Kovalan from the city of Puhar, who is ensnared into spending all his wealth by a courtesan. Realising his mistake, a penniless Kovalan decides to start afresh in the city of Madurai, capital of the Pandyan King, by selling a priceless anklet belonging to Kannagi. When Kovalan tries to sell the anklet however, it is mistaken for the stolen anklet of the Queen and Kovalan is summarily beheaded without trial.

Upon hearing this news, a grief-stricken and enraged Kannagi storms into the royal court and demonstrates the king’s error by breaking her anklet which is filled with rubies, as against the Queen’s anklet which contained rubies. The king kills himself in shame at this miscarriage of justice and Kannagi curses the city to be burnt to ashes in pious anger. The city’s patron deity, Devī Mīnākṣī, however intervenes to calm Kannagi down and blesses her with mokṣa.

This contemporary stonework from Mammalapuram depicts a distraught Kannagi brandishing her anklet in proof.

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