domenica 1 gennaio 2017

tea asks

black: how much personal space do you like?
chamomile: describe your sleep schedule
dandelion: when you make wishes who are they for?
elderflower: do you get sick often?
fennel: how do you feel right now?
ginger: what animal do you act like?
ginseng: post a photo of somewhere you feel calm
green: list your top 3 motivators
hibiscus: do you like when people try to start a conversation with you?
kava: post your favorite color scheme
lavender: does physical activity help you relax?
lemon: how differently do you behave when you're by yourself versus when you're with others?
matcha: do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?
mint: what song gives you energy?
nettle: is there anything you do when you feel guilty?
oolong: where do you see yourself in five years?
peppermint: are you self righteous?
rooibos: if a conversation bothers you, will you speak up about it?
white: do you think family is important?

from ramanandan
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