sabato 25 febbraio 2017

juniperandfog: If I had even the tiniest inkling of doubt about...


If I had even the tiniest inkling of doubt about participating in the mass binding taking place tonight (I don’t.), pulling the equivalent of the Tower from my deck erased it.

In this deck, the XVI card is appropriately named Oppression. It depicts the Wawalek, two Australian aboriginal sister goddesses who unintentionally soiled the waterhole of the Great Serpent Yurlungur with a single drop of menstrual blood. The serpent brought torrents of rain upon them and finally devoured them and their newborns.

In the darkness of Yurlungur’s belly, they wept and wept until they were reborn from his mouth into the light.

Meanings: Feeling overwhelmed, oppressed by circumstances or emotions. Like the Wawalak, the “light” has left your life; you are waiting to be released from the darkness.

Reversed: Though your situation may feel overwhelming and intimidating, hidden forces are at work to transform things for the better. Be patient.

As always, the cards prove their insight is no passing coincidence.

Now bring on the new moon so I can burn this orange cheesedoodle and use the ashes to paint sigils of healing.

from ramanandan
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