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kailasanath: Vaikuṇṭha CaturmūrtiFour headed aspect of Lord...


Vaikuṇṭha Caturmūrti

Four headed aspect of Lord Viṣṇu as the supreme being, commonly found in Kaśmira. The four faces constitute a human (mānava)face, a lion (siṁha) face, a boar (varāha) face and a demonic (dānava) face. Many representations often drop the fourth demonic face, but this is a uniqie representation where the boar (varāha) face is concealed. While some websites describe this as Harīhara, the combined form of Śri Viṣṇu and Śiva, probably because of the presence of a cobra or snake, the image is more akin to the Caturmūrti representation.

Soapstone, Kāśmīra, circa 9th Century CE

Ethnological Museum Berlin

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