sabato 4 febbraio 2017



This post is all about magic. First, real (or as close to real as possible) magic. And second, the magic of this glorious vegan cauliflower mac ‘n’ cheeze from my new favorite cookbook, Tess Masters’ The Perfect Blend, topped with my new favorite creation: grain-free hemp cauliflower breadcrumbs. But before we eat…

Last night I went to The Magic Castle for the first time. The Castle is a turn of the century Hollywood mansion devoted to the magical arts, a bastion of wonder—a sentiment hard to come by these days. It’s invite-only, so it’s not a place one can simply drop by. One must be accompanied by a member, or have a golden ticket of sorts, to gain access. There’s a wildly strict dress code (they keep ties on hand for men who’ve shirked their tie-wearing duties) and a distinctly old boys club vibe, the likes of which I haven’t felt so keenly since my Yale days. But I’m doing that thing where I say yes to as many invitations as I can stomach right now, in the effort to transcend my naturally Dickinsonian homebodied self, and so I said yes.

Read more and get the recipe here.

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