mercoledì 22 febbraio 2017

mensyogaseattle: All last week, in order to keep the...


All last week, in order to keep the inspiration and power of the Women’s March alive and well in our hearts and minds, we explored an ancient, secret Yogic practice that was only known to the most advanced Yogis living in the highest Himalayan caves. This practice is called “Passing the Pussy Hat-asana.” It involved doing one Sun Salutation for every Yogi present (we averaged about 22 per class- a lot of Salutations!). Each Yogi got one Salutation with the hat in order to embody the vibe of the March on their mat. Upon completion of each Salutation the hat was passed to the next Yogi. But here is the cool part. I had instructed the classes that upon receiving the hat, they had the choice of either putting it on their head or placing it at the top of their mat. Most chose one of these options. But some, mostly the men in class, upon receiving the hat, kissed it and built a temporary altar with their Yoga blocks for it to rest on. These simple and spontaneous acts of reverence for the Divine Feminine were extremely profound and very touching. We are all going to be okay. #honorthewomaninyou (at Yogasmith)

from ramanandan
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