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- Many Pagans, witches, Conjure folks, Magicians, and others take pride in their knowledge of herbs. Every herb and root has a magical and medicinal property of some sort. The Doctrine of Signatures teaches that each herb and root indicates its properties by its shape, form, and spirit. For example, Five-Finger Grass, which some know as Silverweed, brings success in all things that five fingers can do (whatever you can imagine!), and is used to get others to do favors for you.
As part of our Craft, we learn to see, smell, hear, and feel these Signatures in order to better understand and use these gifts from the earth. Many of these herbs can be found at any grocery store, natural foods shop, or farmer’s market.

✩ Allspice: Attract money and business success, relieve mental tension. Magical associations include luck, healing, compassion, fertility, renewal, and energy. Also known as Jamaica Pepper, Newspice, and Myrtle Pepper.

✩ Amber: Attract success and good fortune. Also known as Goddess Scent. Represents both knowledge and history. Good for past life regressions and divinations into the past.

✩ Angelica: Enhances feminine magical strength and power. Widely used to protect children. Also known as Dong Quai, Archangel Root, and Holy Ghost Root.

✩ Basil: A sacred herb used for peace and happiness at home, and for protecting the home from evil. Use to attract money and success and to drive away the Evil Eye. Known as The Witches Herb.

✩ Bay Leaves: Protection and avoid being hexed or jinxed. Also known as Bay Laurel, Daphne, Grecian Laurel, Sweet Bay, Baie, and Laurier d’Apollon.

✩ Bergamot: Use to attract money and success and to lift spirits. Also known as Bee Balm.

✩ Cedar Wood: Purification, love, money, and psychic powers. Good for spells meant to increase male virility. As an incense, it denotes strength and power. Burn it in a newly built home or temple during a dedication ceremony to announce your strength and push that strength outward into the world. Also known as Sops in Wine.

✩ Chamomile: Use for luck, to attract love, in gambling spells, to remove curses, to help induce sleep, and for washes. This Druid sacred herb brings the power of the sun to love potions, prosperity spells, and rites of purification. Widely used for meditation, cleansing, un-crossing, and un-hexing.

✩ Cinnamon: Use for attraction, promoting high spirituality, purifying, stimulating psychic ability, exciting male passions, and attracting money. Use to enhance your skill with prophecy through divination, through channeling, and working with Oracle. Burn it to boost your clairvoyance and for magical healing. Also known as Sweet Wood.

✩ Cloves: Use to attract friendship and prosperity. Magical uses include banishing evil, clearing your head, attracting love, promoting home and personal protection, and attracting money. As incense, they are a powerful aid in drawing wealth and prosperity, in purifying the area in which they are burned, and in ensuring that your magical intent is realized.

✩ Dandelion: Use as an infusion in teas or carry in a bag to enhance your psychic powers, spiritual dreams, and second sight. A steaming cup of dandelion placed by your bed will call spirits. Pick a dandelion puff on the night of a full moon and then blow your wish to the winds. Also known as Lion’s Tooth, Puffball, Wild Endive, Priest’s Crown, and many other names.

✩ Echinacea: Strengthening powers. Carry this herb to promote inner strength during trying times. Grow it around your home or bring it in to your home to attract prosperity and protect your family from poverty. Including this herb in any spell or charm will increase its effectiveness. Also known as Purple Coneflower, Samson Root, Comb Flower, and other names.

✩ Frankincense: Purification, luck, protection, and spirituality. As incense, it promotes peace and calm, and is used to relieve stress and anxiety. Use it to end arguments and conflicts, bring peace and resolution among enemies, and alleviate a tense situation. Widely used as a general incense for spellwork and rituals, and as an aid for meditation. Also known as Oilbans.

✩ Garlic: Protection, healing, exorcism, guarding against evil, repelling thieves, and blessing a new home. To absorb diseases, rub fresh, peeled cloves of garlic onto the afflicted area and then throw the cloves into running water. When evil spirits are around, a bite of garlic will repel them. For additional protection from evil spirits, sprinkle powdered garlic on the floor and place it beneath children’s pillows. In the kitchen, rub onto pots and pans before coming in order to remove negative energies. Also known as Stinkweed and Poor Man’s Treacle.

✩ Ginger: Provides fiery protection from evil. Widely used to heat up love affairs and sexuality. In some parts of the Pacific Islands, it is chewed and then spat at the “seat” of an illness or at an oncoming storm to stop it while still at sea. Plant the root to attract money or sprinkled powdered ginger root in your pockets or on money to attract prosperity.

✩ High John the Conqueror Root: Attracting luck, gaining mastery, and strengthening male libido. Widely incorporated into sachets, used as incense and incorporated into baths and floor washes to draw love and success, and to protect from and destroy all curses and hexes. To attract money, carry a root anointed with mint oil in a green bag. 

✩ Holly (poisonous berries are not to be eaten): Protection, prevention of lighting strikes, good luck, dream magic. Grow it around your home for protection from mischievous sorcerers and to repel negative spells. Also known as Bat Wings, Holy Tree, Christ’s Thorn, Hulm Chaste, Hulver Bush, and other names.

✩ Irish Moss (not a true moss, but the dried leaf-like parts of a northern seaweed): Attract money, luck, and protection. Widely believed in Hoodoo folk magic to bring about good fortune in all sorts of money matters, from business success, to good luck in gambling. Carry a pinch in a green flannel bag on in your pocket when placing a bet or buying a lottery ticket, or sprinkle it in your carpets to attract customers. Also known as Carrageen.

✩ Ivy: Protection and healing. A Druid sacred herb, it provides protection when growing on or near a home. It is equated with fidelity (a reason it is woven into marriage wreaths). Use it in charms to bind love, luck, and fidelity to your person. Also known as Gort.

✩ Jasmine: Attract love, money, and prophetic dreams. One of the best oils for dressing candles – a candle dressed or anointed with jasmine oil is said to give psychic protection and bring health to your aura. Use the oil to attract a spiritual love. Burn in your bedroom to bring about prophetic dreams. Smell the flowers to induce sleep. Also known as Jessamin and Moonlight on the Grove.

✩ Lavender: Attract love, attract fae, induce sleep, bring good dreams, friendship,
 romance, passion, harmony, and cooperation with your lover. Strew it into your Midsummer bonfire as an offering to the Gods and Goddesses. In your home, it can bring peace, joy, and healing. Clothes scented with lavender are said to attract love. Use it in purifying baths and rituals, and in healing incenses and sachets. Widely used for protection, sleep, chastity and happiness. Also known as Elf Leaf, Nard, and Spike.

✩ Lemon Verbena: Attract love and for ritual purification. The essential oil is wonderful in love blends. When added to other essential oils and mixtures, it increases their strength. Use it to purify an area, or add it to your bathwater for purification and protection. If you have troubling dreams or for some reason simply don’t want to dream, drink a tea infused with Lemon Verbena or hang cuttings of the plant around your neck. Also known as Cedron and Yerba Louisa.

✩ Marigold: Protection, prophetic dreams, and legal matters. To strengthen and comfort your heart, pick marigolds when the sun is the hottest (noon). To strengthen your eyesight, gaze at these flowers. String garlands of this flower on your doorposts to prevent evil from entering your home. Carry some flowers and leaves in your pocket when in court to receive a fair and just ruling. Strew dried flower petals around the sacred circle to bring the magic of consecration and protective sight. Also known as Bride of the Sun, Mary Bud, Summer Bride, Goldes, and Drunkard.

✩ Mugwort: Burn and breathe in the fragrance of this herb to enhance your psychic abilities. Widely infused into a tea to cleanse magical tools such as crystals, amulets, and talismans. Use it to gain psychic power, boost prophetic dreams, and help in astral projection. Bathe in it prior to the shortest night (Midsummer Eve) and toss bunches of the dried herb into the bonfire to enjoy a year of blessings. Place some beneath your pillow or in a dream pillow to bring vivid prophetic dreams and help you to contact the astral realm. Also known as Artemis Herb, Artemesia, Mother of Herbs, Naught Man, Sailor Tobacco, Old Uncle Henry, and many other names.

✩ Nutmeg: Use to bring the best of luck in games of chance. Carry nutmegs as good luck charms or string them with Star Anise and Tonka Beans for a potent herbal necklace. Burn for prosperity, fortune, clairvoyance, divination, meditation, psychic awareness, and justice. Add ground nutmeg to the wax when making candles and burn them in prosperity rituals. 

✩ Rosemary: Cleansing, purification, healing, sleep, and mental powers. This is a powerful protector of women and a formidable guardian. Use it to bring good dreams, keep your home peaceful, and your marriage faithful. Smolder some to rid a place of negativity, especially right before preforming magic. Make an infusion of Rosemary to wash your hands before performing healing work. Burn the leaves mixed with Juniper Berries in a sickroom to promote strength and healing. Also known as Elf Leaf, Sea Dew, Compass Weed, Guardrobe, and other names.

✩ Sage: Promotes longevity, protection, wisdom, and wishes. Use to absorb negativity and misfortune, to drive away tensions, and lift your spirits above your mundane, earthly cares. Use it in your ritual baths and chalice. Carry or eat it to promote wisdom, and help you to deal with grieving and loss. Also known as Garden Sare, Sawge, and Red Sage.

✩ Sandalwood: Protection, healing, wishes, and spirituality. Place a drop of oil on your forehead to aid in focusing your mind in preparation for ritual, an exorcism, or healing. Mix it with Lavender and use as an incense to conjure spirits. Mix with Frankincense and burn it at séances and full moon rituals. The fragrance of sandalwood will resonate with your highest aspects and with those of Angelic beings of the highest order. Also known as Santal, Sandal, White Sandalwood, White Saunders, and Yellow Sandalwood. (B.D: I also like to use it as an all-purpose incense if I can’t find the incense I need. Or I sometimes use it in place of Frankincense).

✩ Thyme: Use for luck, to bring peace of mind during sleep, attracting fae, and for protecting your money. It is widely used for health, healing, sleep, and psychic powers. Burn it to purify an area, such as around your altar before ritual or spellwork. Add it along with Marjoram to cleansing baths that can help to remove sorrow and illness – particularly those related to winter or seasonal blues. When worn, it can help your psychic powers to develop and repel the negativity of others. Also known as Garden Thyme, Mother of Thyme, and Common Thyme.

✩ Valerian: Promotes love, protection, sleep, and purification. Add to your chalice as an herb of peace or use it to purify your ritual space. Hang it in your home as protection from lightening, and place sprigs of it at your windows to keep out evil. Place some in the vicinity of a quarreling couple to bring peace. Use powdered valerian as a substitute for graveyard dust to repel unwanted presences. Place some in your pillow to help insomnia. Also known as All Heal, St. George’s Herb, Vandal Root, and Garden Heliotrope.

✩ Willow: Divination, protection, healing, strength, power, and love. A Druid sacred tree and a guardian tree, it is said to protect from evil influences. Its healing energies can bless all it touches. Excellent for new moon magic, fertility, creativity, and rights of passage for women. Use to charge crystals and boost their protective and healing qualities. Also known as Witches Aspirin (chewing some of the bark can help tooth pains), Tree of Enchantment, White Willow, and European Willow.

✩ Yarrow: Courage, psychic powers, love, exorcism, and grounded energy. Use to exorcise evil and negativity from any person, place, or object. Commonly used in love spells, it can be included in wedding decorations and hung over the bridal bed to ensure a lasting love. It can help in attracting friends, and help to heal someone who is burdened by unhealthy sorrow or troubled emotions. Make the flowers into a tea to improve your psychic powers. Also known as Devil’s Nettle, Seven Year’s Love, Milfoil, and Woundwort

– Learn More:
-Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
-Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic: A Materia Magica of African-American Conjure by Catherine Yronwode

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