giovedì 30 marzo 2017

veg-a-table: 🥗🍝Brown spelt noddles with lots of spinach, vegan...


🥗🍝Brown spelt noddles with lots of spinach, vegan quorn,garlic, nutmeg and other good stuff. Soooo tasty and easy. I really love frozen spinach, it’s such a money saver 🥗😍🤤

✈️Just want to say a huge thank you to the people who responded to my last @belongsamongwildflowersxoxo : haha yes that is true. It I’m very attached to Barry’s gold blend tea and my all fruit no added sugar jam 😅…marmite has also made it into the bag 😜
@paintedwaves sound advice that I will be sure to follow☺️
@floraxcrossing haha thanks for the tip, luckily I’m a vegan so won’t have to worry to much about that!😄

🇨🇦🙏🤔Next advice that would be greatly appreciated is any places in Ontario to eat that have vegan options ( as I’m the only difficult one haha) 🤤
Let me know if you have any ideas guys! 🌮🥙🌯🥗🍜🥘🍜🍛🥞🍔🌭🍕✈️🇨🇦

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