mercoledì 10 maggio 2017

patrickbeach: today i hiked through the panorama ranch trail in...


today i hiked through the panorama ranch trail in the mountains near sonoma. it felt uphill both ways like the stories your grandparents would tell you about getting to school back in the day. i don’t think my chucks were the best shoe to handle the situation so we found ourselves stopping at a few amazing viewpoints on the way up. each time we stopped there was a moment of awe, excitement, and anticipation for how epic the top would be. the hills got steeper, our legs cried out more frequently but we stayed the course partially carrying the pup and partially letting him drag us past every sign that pointed to the summit. then we got there. and that was it. we couldn’t see anything. trees and shrubs blocked every viewpoint. there was no treasure at the end of the rainbow. all we were left with was the fact that we stuck with it. that we made it 100 miles(slight exaggeration) straight up hill. and that we had fun along the way. we lived the adventure. just another reminder that life is about the journey and the company you keep.


from ramanandan
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