martedì 25 luglio 2017

vegannomadchick:We’ve been craving potatoes lately. 😍😍 The ones...


We’ve been craving potatoes lately. 😍😍 The ones here in Spain are so good. We boil them without salt and without any oil but they are so tasty and rich! Almost “buttery” and delicious with our sautéed veggies. The mushrooms, onion, spices, and tomato paste cook down to create the tastiest gravy. 😋 And of course, all the other veggies and avocado make it perfect! 👅👅 This was my lunch from yesterday but we had the same today minus the avocado. 🙂 And now we will have watermelon for dinner. 🍉👌 I hope you had a good Monday!

from ramanandan
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