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drx108:“Actual krsna-kirtana is that kirtana by which Krsna is...


“Actual krsna-kirtana is that kirtana by which Krsna is pleased. The show of performing kirtana for one’s own pleasure or the pleasure of others is not krsna-kirtana but maya-kirtana.

As actions are judged by their results, so one can judge whether one is chanting the holy name by the results. If while chanting Hari’s name one’s propensity or attachment for material life increases, one can know that Hari is not the object of one’s chanting.

Hari-nama-sankirtana should destroy attachment for material life, not increase it. While chanting one will realize the insignificance and temporality of material life, and will no longer relish it. Then all one’s anarthas will be destroyed, one’s heart will be purified and become steady, one’s material restlessness and misery will be destroyed, and one will attain love of God.

 - Srila Prabhupada Bhaktisiddhanta Thakura’s Amrta Vani

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