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Un appello (presso Via Indipendenza - Bologna Centro) (presso Associazione Sole e Luna) (presso Associazione Sole e Luna)

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rrrrelax: banshy: Tianmen Mountain by: Rey Canlas, Jr. 🌙



Tianmen Mountain

by: Rey Canlas, Jr.


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elephantsarevegan: The bigger the bowl the better it is 😎carrot...


The bigger the bowl the better it is 😎carrot potatoe mash, veggies, lemon, herb tofu hearts and herb hummus 😍

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oldfarmhouse: krissy



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harvest-moon-mystic: Harvest Moon Mystic’s Sacred Sabbat Tarot...


Harvest Moon Mystic’s Sacred Sabbat Tarot Spreads

Samhain: The witches’ new year, when the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest, a time to explore our connection to our spirit and the spirits of others passed and living.  A spread to access messages from the covert spirit.
1. Death: What I am refusing to acknowledge
2. Rising Spirit: What is becoming stronger within my subconscious
3. Life: How these spiritual messages will manifest themselves to me
4. Mirror Shadow: How I will know when my spirit is speaking
5. The Light: How I can carry its messages with me

Yule: A time to celebrate closeness and family, generosity, the sharing of hope and faith in the return of the light.  A spread to gain insights to family life
1. The Hearth: What unites my family
2. Yule Log: A source of happiness and warmth within my home
3. Evergreen: How I can remain in good spirits through family strife
4. The Candle: What unique traits I bring to my home and family
5. The Gift: How I can share my warmth with my family

Imbolc: Hope in the coming spring, subtlety and rebirth, the first warmth and blossom, reassurance in the promise of better things coming, the return of the light, birth and youthful regeneration.  A spread to reveal hidden potential.
1. The seed beneath the snow: My potential
2. February frost: What covers that potential
3. The blessed besom: How to sweep away the doubt surrounding my potential
4. First bloom: When my full potential will become manifested
5. Saint Brighid: What will guide me on my path to realization  

Ostara: A time to rejoice in new life and fresh beginnings, the start of a new warm season, creative potential, courtship and innocent love, sunrise, a brand new endeavor.  A spread to aid in the actualization of dreams and ideas.
1. The egg: How I should pursue this new idea
2. Balefire: How to keep the inspiration alive
3. The March hare: How to keep from running in circles
4. Hot cross bun: What will be a source of joy
5. The equinox: How my plan will manifest in the future

Beltane: A celebration of fertility and the heat of summer, the union of community, a festival for lovers, purification, bonding, music, dance, immersion in carnal revelry.  A spread for budding romance.
1. Fires of Bel: How I can make my intentions clear to the person I admire
2. Dance of the maypole: How we will work together in a romantic relationship
3. The horned deer: How pure of heart is the person I admire
4. Oats and honey: What gifts we each contribute; what we each have to offer
5. The Great Rite: How compatible we are sexually 

Litha: Midsummer, a period of suspension, the longest day of the year, celebration of the sun and its lasting light, virility, a time of growth and patience.  A spread for periods of waiting.
1. The pregnant goddess: What I have been waiting for
2. Sun wheel: What direction I should take
3. Oaken Fae: What will guide me to the end of this time
4. Lasting light: Why I have been waiting this long
5. Sunflower: What will give me hope to continue

Lammas: The first harvest, waning, festival of the harvest, acknowledgement of labor fruits, preparation, resting after reaping what has been sown, welcoming the coming winter with knowledge that preparations have been made to withstand the cold.  A spread to guide in making a difficult decision.
1. Broken bread: Why this choice is so difficult
2. The waning light: Signs I have been blind to
3. Corn dolly: What will guide me in the decision-making process
4. Wheat sheaves: How this decision will affect my future
5. The scythe: The repercussions of this decision

Mabon: The honoring and acceptance of change, a period of reflection and learning, celebrating the bounty of the harvest, thanksgiving for the earth’s provision, equality and distribution, balance, earned rest.  A spread for times of change.
1. Moon cider: What is brewing beneath the surface
2. The pomegranate: How I will grow from this change
3. The turned leaf: What is to come of this change
4. Cornucopia: How this change will affect others
5. The feast: What part do I play in this situation

(Original tarot spread by harvest-moon-mystic, available soon on etsy)

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the-aries-witch: The Aries Witch ♈ A handful of great crystals...


The Aries Witch ♈ 

A handful of great crystals to have :) There is a whole bunch more of these made by Energy Muse (a jewellery store you can find online)

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stormbornwitch: All of you have been amazing recently so I...


All of you have been amazing recently so I thought I would show you guys some photos of my Grimoire ~

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thebluechicory: General information Mandrake is the common name...


General information

Mandrake is the common name for members of the plant genus Mandragora.

Because mandrake contains deliriant hallucinogenic tropane alkaloids such as atropinescopolamineapoatropine, and hyoscyamine, and the roots sometimes contain bifurcations causing them to resemble human figures, their roots have long been used in magic rituals.

Other names: European Mandrake, Mandragora, Mandrake, Mandrake Apple, Pome Di Tchin, Satan’s Apple, herb of Circe, witches mannikin, wild lemon, sorceror’s root, main-de-gloire, hand of glory, mangloire


It has large, broad leaves that emerge directly from the base in a circular cluster. Flowers appear each on a separate stalk and are bell shaped and white with purplish tinge. The smell of the plant is generally unpleasant. The roots resemble a parsnip and can run up to four feet deep underground. They may be single or branched.

This plant is native to Southern Europe.


Seeds should be as fresh as possible and scattered over well-tilled, light soil in the fall. They should be kept moist and weed free and not transplanted after the first year. Keep it in a sheltered position in full sun.

Harvesting & Preparation

The roots should be dug in the third or fourth year.

Medical Use

The leaves can be boiled in milk and used as a poultice for external ulcers.

The root is a powerful emetic and hallucinogen and if used internally, only with great caution, if at all. It is said in large doses to incite delirium and madness, though it was once used as a sleep aid, for those who were in too much pain to sleep. Pieces were also given patients to chew when they were about to undergo surgery.

Externally, the roots combined with alcohol make a rub for rheumatism.

This plant is poison!

Magical Use

Mandrake is masculine, ruled by Mercury and fire and associated with Circe, Hecate, Diana, Hathor and Saturn.

A dried mandrake root placed on the mantelpiece will protect and bring happiness and prosperity to the household. It will also prevent demons from entering. Placed on top of money, it will make the money multiply.

A mandrake root can be used as a poppet for sympathetic magic. It can also be carved into various shapes for magical use.

The berries as well as the root are used in charms to increase fertility. Carried, it is said to attract love. It is also used in aphrodisiac spells.

Mandrake intensifies magick in any situation. Ingestion of a small amount is said to increase psychic abilities and creativity, but this is not recommended as mandrake is poison.

Add a bit of mandrake root to your moon water preparation for ritual use.

History and Folklore

The name Mandragora comes from the Greek meaning “hurtful to cattle”.

The Anglo-Saxons considered mandrake, as well as periwinkle, the definitive herbs for use in cases of demonic possession.

Mandrake root was imagined by the ancients to look human in form and was often pictured in various texts as a man with a very long beard, or a woman with a very bushy head of hair. If the root was split into two, it was considered female. If not, it was male. The Female roots were the most valuable and believed to be a useful charm to promote luck and wealth.

The plant was said to grow under the gallows of murderers, sprung from the bodily drippings of criminals and to shriek when dug up. The sound would kill a man or drive him insane. So, to avoid this fate, you were supposed to tie a dog to the plant and he would pull it up and die in the man’s place. Some legends say that you could harvest only after sunset, or that you must draw a circlei with a sword or wand three times around the plant before harvesting. Once harvested, a witch must wash it in wine and wrap it in silk for storage.

Little dolls were sometimes made of mandrake roots and kept to aid the household and answer important questions. Possession of one of these mandrake dolls could be used as evidence during witch trials.

Mandrakes are mentioned in the Bible; Leah bought a night with Jacob from Rachel with some Mandrakes which Rachel wanted to help her conceive. It may also have been mentioned in the Song of Solomon.

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taurri: “A familiar (or familiar spirit or familiar animal) is...


“A familiar (or familiar spirit or familiar animal) is an animal-shaped spirit or minor demon believed to serve a witch or magician as domestic servant, spy and companion, in addition to helping to bewitch enemies or to divine information.”

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alanrickmanseyebrow: phynxrizng: originalbotanica: witchycryst...







Sweet dreams are made of these.

Oh my gursh

I need to kNOW whAT this sTORE is CALLED

According to some reblogs it’s called Original Botanica and they have a Tumblr @originalbotanica

Thanks everyone for your kind words! Check out our online site at or come visit us at 2486-88 Webster Avenue in the Bronx, New York. Call us with any questions you might have. (718) 367-9589

OH! MY! GODDESS !!! A witch super store! Yeeessssss!

I am going to NYC next month.  I will be sure to visit!!

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brainbows: terpsikeraunos: morifinde-eldandil: thedreadpiratej...





knight: rides into battle without helmet everyone: gives him strange looks
knight: “kitty was sleeping in it”
everyone: nods in agreement

i will never not reblog this



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blvkcvt: 9 Healing Herbs


9 Healing Herbs

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ner-tamin:Wheel of the Year


Wheel of the Year

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theallseeingcat: Scans of Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers’s...


Scans of Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers’s “The Greater Key Of Solomon: Including A Clear And Precise Exposition Of King Solomon’s Secret Procedure, Its Mysteries And Magic Rites” published in 1914 and edited by L. W. de Laurence. The images are placed according to their order of appearance within the scanned pdf file which is freely available for download from

תן אלוהים יברך את המסע שלך

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